I love frame-by-frame animation, so I decided for to experiment more with the process. Working in the 3D realm so much, it's important for me, or really any animator, to know and understand traditional 2D animation; it's the literal backbone and grandfather of what we have today.
For this project, I wanted to portray the relationship between my sister and I through what we love most, our cats. I used cats because we're always holding them when we have conversations, especially long ones. We tend to always interrupt ourselves to talk about the cat in our lap, what it's doing, how cute it looks, etc. Every time a cat walks across the screen, it corresponds with what's being said in conversation. I depicted myself as the orange cat, and my sister as the white cat. 
The audio used was a live recording of one of our conversations with cuts. This video is not only humorous, but also shows the connection my sister and I have with each other. 
The background also has a lot to do with the conversation; notice how it slowly fades into white. This was done to depict that my sister was leaving the conversation at the end, fading her cat out completely as she "left".

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