I'm Geghie (or as some know me as Alayna). I am a published creative contributor and designer.
I have developed strong design skills and experience in the design industry. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable expertise in various areas, including UX and UI design, advertisement/marketing, digital art, motion design, research, branding, and multimedia. I hold an MA in Design with a specialization in UX/UI, which I earned from Northumbria University in 2021 as part of my Fulbright program in England. Additionally, I possess a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tennessee.

Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege to collaborate with a diverse range of esteemed organizations, each contributing to my growth and expertise. My experiences span Discovery Inc., Radiosystems (PetSafe Brand), real estate enterprises, global and regional corporations, technology-focused ventures involving intricate problem-solving and AI technologies, The Fulbright Association/The Department of State, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Lifetime Brands, the NHS (National Health Service), and more. These multifaceted engagements have not only honed my skills but also broadened my perspective, enabling me to navigate intricate design challenges across a spectrum of industries.

Not only am I proficient in my craft, but I am also deeply passionate about advocating for accessibility and disabilities. In fact, as the President of the Fulbrighters with Disabilities Chapter, I actively champion inclusivity and strive to create equal opportunities. My dedication to this cause is deeply rooted in my own experiences as someone with disabilities, which has shaped my perspective and greatly influenced my design approach.

I've extended my impact as a public speaker, sharing insights on various design and accessibility topics. I'm also proud to be published in numerous magazines and news articles, further contributing to the discourse in the design community and beyond. These opportunities have allowed me to amplify the importance of inclusive design and foster greater understanding of its impact.

Beyond my professional endeavors, my Appalachian heritage stands as a significant influence on my design sensibilities. This heritage instills in me a unique appreciation for authenticity, storytelling, and the power of connections. Just as the Appalachian culture values community and tradition, I strive to infuse these qualities into my designs, creating experiences that are both meaningful and relatable.

In essence, my commitment to accessibility, deeply intertwined with my Appalachian roots, forms the very foundation of my design philosophy—a philosophy grounded in empathy, authenticity, and the aspiration to make a positive impact through every creation.
My goals extend beyond being a graphic designer; it's about fostering trust and strong connections with my clients and collaborators. I'm eager to delve into your unique business and aspirations, ensuring the creation of your ideal design. Your success reflects on me, motivating me to collaborate closely and craft something truly exceptional and unforgettable together.

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