I worked alongside the UX design team on several innovative projects, some listed below:
ScoopFree Litterbox 2.0
Our goal for this project was to update and improve the Scoopfree automatic litterbox. My work included researching the product and customer stories, designing the icons/updating the icon library for the entire Petsafe brand, and attending collaborative meetings.

Icon Design Examples:
Redesign of the Smart Dog Trainer
Our goal was to make the Smart Dog Trainer more user-friendly. This project involved collaborative brain-storming sessions, product testing, recorded unboxing/usability sessions and thoughts, prototyping, and icon design.
Redesign of Invisible Fence Quick Start Guide
Our goal was to make a simplistic version of the manual to this product to make it more user-friendly. This project involved prototyping the size/page layout, content summarizing of the 40+ page manual into 4 pages with a UX-friendly design that is easy to understand.
Petsafe Smarter Fountain
Our goal here was to create a new fountain with updated technology better for humans and pets to utilize in the home. My job included analyzing 4 prototypes, SWOT analysis on each of them, customer profiling, Pros/Cons of each prototype, team meetings/presentations, and icon designs for filtration system & low water

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