The English government in the UK had an app developed for public use to check-in to venues and connect with others via Bluetooth to trace positive cases reported by individuals. I led a small team of designers in partnership with our University, Northumbria, and the NHS of England (National Healthcare Service) to design something to help those suffering from the pandemic-- doctors and citizens alike. 

Our team decided to go with a problem I myself faced when first arriving in the UK: international visitors having trouble quarantining and ordering basic necessities. Since I had an American phone number and no way to leave, I had no way of ordering food aside from UberEats. With further research, we discovered many others had suffered to same fate, some even breaking quarantine to get supplies. This is why the biggest feature in our redesign was an in-app delivery aid which partners with local food stores to deliver to international visitors, or anyone that may need it otherwise, effectively. The idea was to have everything based within the app with no outside third-party needed.
NHS Test & Trace Redesign Prototype Example
Watch the Process Video Below

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